Glimpse of Solace: Daniel Cleary

Still Life with Trumpet © Daniel Cleary

On Halsted © Daniel Cleary

Couple in Cafe © Daniel Cleary

Window Still Life © Daniel Cleary

Sunset © Daniel Cleary


Daniel Cleary was born in Tipperary Town, Ireland and grew up there, and lived for a few years in London, England, before moving to Chicago in 1968. His first passion was painting, but he always loved poetry; “though I never considered myself a writer.”

He has two books: The Green Ribbon (Wyndham Hall Press) and Elegy for James Gerard and Other Poems for the Larger Voice (Fractal Edge Press). If you’d like to see Daniel’s paintings, check out his website.

I asked Dan for titles to the paintings and he titled them. But he explained in his email, “I tend not to title things as a rule, just as I tend not to sign things.”

When I asked if there were updates to his biography, Dan replied, “just add: I hope to continue painting till I die, and, to continue changing.”

Thanks to Daniel Cleary for sharing his work. I hope you’ll take the time to visit his site and see more of his paintings.

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