Monthly Archive: March 2016


Hopping to it . . .

Rabbit © Ellen Wade Beals, 2015

Happy Easter!  I’ll be hopping away for a week and will be back April 3  to give you the latest on Solace in So Many Words contributors and other news. In the meantime, if you have something you’d like to share here, please send it to me at weighedwords at Peace, love, and solace


Happy Taxonomy Day!

Photo on 2015-04-17 at 15.00 #5_2

I just learned that March 19 is Taxonomy Day (thanks to artist Lauren Levato Coyne). My Internet connection has been wonky lately, suffering fits and starts. So I didn’t want to do a post with lots of links because it would take forever to write and post. But since I have a poem with the …

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Go vote (and then read this)


Howdy! Hope you visited your polling place or have plans to do so today. How lucky we are to live in a country where we have a vote–don’t let it go to waste. This weekend I learned about two great literary things in Chicago. The first is Open Books, which has West Loop and Pilsen …

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Glimpse of solace: Oh my world

Mountains outside of Nonsense, IL © Ellen Wade Beals, 2016

Hey there. I escaped with my camera this week and got lost in photography, which is very easy to do when you are working on something abstract.  Here’s what I came up.  Peace, love, and solace