Monthly Archive: December 2016


Glimpse of solace: Hope in a cookie

Hope 2017 © Ellen Wade Beals, 2016

Happy New Year! As always, I wish you PEACE, LOVE, and SOLACE


Greetings on December 22


The darkest day of the year is behind us — each day now there will be a little more light. Have you had a harder time gearing up for the holidays? Feeling less than festive? Sometimes we miss those not with us most during this time and we are more emotionally vulnerable than on other …

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Glimpse of solace: trees in winter

Snowfall, December 11, 2016 © Ellen Wade Beals, 2016

Winter Trees All the complicated details of the attiring and the disattiring are completed! A liquid moon moves gently among the long branches. Thus having prepared their buds against a sure winter the wise trees stand sleeping in the cold. William Carlos Williams  


Creatively blocked?

Help © Ellen Wade Beals

Hey there – it has been a long time, I know. Here’s some stuff  I found interesting. In addition to being a gifted writer David Abrams is generous. His blog site The Quivering Pen is worth investigating. Self-described as a book evangelist,  he is always featuring recent books and articles on writing. He is the …

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