Happy Labor Day

Love you © Ellen Wade Beals, 2017Hello there!  It’ll be just a short post today as I don’t think anyone is thinking too much about writing. It’s the beginning of a long weekend, the last one of summer. Already in Chicago the nights are chilly, and yesterday I saw geese fly overhead. I wonder whether this means our upcoming winter will be a fierce one.

Congrats to Solace in So Many Words contributor Elizabeth Kerlikowske; the Michigan poet was just awarded the Community Medal of Arts by the Arts Council of Greater Kalamazoo.

If you’re a subscriber to Rattle, check out Donna Hilbert’s poem “Rambler” in the latest issue (#57).

If you have an interest in the Chicago lit scene, Adam Morgan’s “Chicago” is the latest city guide in Poets & Writers. It’s pretty comprehensive. Here’s the link.

Finally with Labor Day almost upon, you can read “What Work Is” by  SISMW contributor and past U.S. Poet Laureate Phil Levine by clicking here.

Peace, love, and solace

Two sisters © Ellen Wade Beals, 2017

Two sisters © Ellen Wade Beals, 2017



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