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Crying © Ellen Wade Beals, 2017

Crying © Ellen Wade Beals, 2017

Oy. What to say?

I’m still thinking about the slaughter in Las Vegas. And our country’s lack of response to gun violence. One thing I plan to do is continue to support the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

Now for news.

First off, I want to express my sadness at learning Susan Elbe passed away. We both had work in Kiss Me Goodnight so I met her that way, but I was also her FB friend and I enjoyed her posts and poems. An obituary is linked here.

Also, I want to extend condolences to  Susan K. Perry whose husband Steven Perry died. Susan K. Perry, who is the author of six books and also writes for Psychology Today, was kind enough to write a blurb for Solace in So Many Words. Steven Perry was a poet in California and mentor to SISMW contributors Lisa Liken and Patti Wahlberg. You can learn more about Steven and Susan K. Perry at their site.

I received an email from Patti Wahlberg recently. She is studying writing at Goddard and is on the staff of Duende, the literary magazine there. And there’s a call for submissions.

Duende, the national literary journal produced by the students in the BFA program at Goddard College, will begin reading submissions for their sixth full issue on October 15 (until November 30, 2017). Work sent will be considered for either the issue or for the Monthly Spotlight features. For more info, here’s the link.  BTW, Patti has a book review in the September issue.-1

Also, I heard from SISMW contributor Kerry Langan and there are two calls for submissions at Wising Up Press. Both are for anthologies. One is Surprised by Joy (deadline February 2018) and the other is Crossing Class: The Invisible Wall (deadline March 2018). Here is the link.

book_27SISMW contributor Jan Bottiglieri has a poem “Rachel; Voight-Kampff Test,” which is inspired by Blade Runner up at Atticus Review; here is the link.

SISMW contributor Ellen Bass has a poem “Indigo” in the latest issue of The New Yorker. Read it here.

SISMW contributor T. C. Boyle has a new book of short stories; it is his twelfth collection and titled The Relive Box and Other Stories.

And I have two poems, “How the Egg Came to be Eaten” and “Diaphony” (both myths I made up) in the October issue of Prachya Review, a literary journal out of Bangladesh—here is the link. NatashaSarkar_1_FemaleGaze-1-610x801

One more thing, Pithead Chapel is having a fiction contest; deadline is coming up. Here is the link.

This weekend is my favorite of the year–it’s Open House Chicago, sponsored by the Chicago Architecture Foundation. If you are here in Chi, don’t miss this fun event; details are here.

Peace, love, and solace

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