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Name: Ellen Beals
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Happy St. Patrick’s Day (row, row, row your boat)


“Nodding the head does not row the boat.” That’s an Irish proverb tweeted by writer/farmer Martin McConnell (@spottedgeckgo) that has stayed with me. I nod my head and say to myself that I better get to writing. How about you? Are you rowing or nodding these days? It’s St. Patrick’s Day, which is a holiday …

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The solace of circumstance

Apples to apples © Ellen Wade Beals, 2016

Hey, hey, hey. Last night I went to the Raven Theatre to see The Assembled Parties, a play written by Richard Greenberg (directed by Cody Estle). It’s about relationships over time. In Notes from the Dramaturg, I found a paragraph that had to do with solace, which I will share with you. Here’s what Stephen …

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Submission tips–donuts, Ella, submerging


Hey there. Can you believe February is almost over? It’s a short month and here in Chicago we experienced an especially Spring-y spell. I’ve had the cold congestion crud that’s being passed around these days. Hope you have been staying healthy. Here are some unique sounding calls for submissions, etc. Donuts. That’s the subject of …

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Laura Rodley “Madelyn”

Snow trail, #1 © Ellen Wade Beals, 2013

Here in Chicago there is no snow on the ground, but some parts of the Northeast are experiencing a Snow Day. So that’s why this poem by Laura Rodley about a runner in the snowy woods seems appropriate. Thanks to Laura Rodley for letting me share her work here.   Madelyn She runs without breaking …

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