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If you have a question or comment on something in the book or on this site,  send an email with your thoughts t0 weighedwords at

Submit to the Web: A Slice of Solace

Maybe you have something short and sweet (or tart and wry) on the subject of solace that you’d like to share. Slice of Solace will feature the best writing in 50 (or fewer) words (we’ll hedge if need be).  Contributors are not paid for this one-time use.  We hope writers will get a readership and good will. Send submissions to weighedwords at

Glimpse of Solace

Have a photo or pic you’d like to share?  Submit it to weighedwords at

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  1. Lisa Comperry says:

    I sent two images, both glimpses of my world..Both were shot by me at my favorite hangouts close to home..I go to these places to view and photograph the sunrise..Both of these places bring me peace and solace :-)

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