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Meditate on the positive

I’m blue © Ellen Wade Beals, 2018

Greetings. It looks as if Spring may come to Chicago after all. How’s the weather by you? This weekend came and went. I saw the aftermath of a fatal highway crash on Friday. I went to the funeral of a young father on Saturday. I thought about my own father who was born on April …

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Congratulations to Margarita Engle

The launch at Women and Children First.

Happy Belated Birthday to Solace in So Many Words, which was launched into this world six years ago at Women and Children First Bookstore. I’ve been thinking about Solace in So Many Words and my writing lately because I can do little else since my back has been acting up and I can’t sit at …

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Greetings on December 22


The darkest day of the year is behind us — each day now there will be a little more light. Have you had a harder time gearing up for the holidays? Feeling less than festive? Sometimes we miss those not with us most during this time and we are more emotionally vulnerable than on other …

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Overlook (a poem)


Who wants to hear a political opinion? Not me. Overloaded, I won’t add to the mix.  Which leaves me wondering what to post. I had something in mind but it’ll have to wait until next time. I’m hosting Thanksgiving and running out of time. I present you with my poem “Overlook,” which originally appeared in …

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