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Prayers and Thoughts & Action and Policy

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This won’t be a long post because I don’t have much to report. The news is dismal because there has been another mass shooting. I concur with today’s  Chicago Tribune editorial, “How to help prevent the next gun massacre,” which concludes: “Each mass shooting in America is its own terrible story that can’t be undone. …

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Don’t kid yourself

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These days everyone seems to be talking about politics and the state of our world. Even conservatives and liberals concur that national politics are surreal to a certain extent. Similarly everyone in Illinois agrees that our lawmakers seem to be  a bunch of doofuses that can’t even get a budget worked out. And, look at …

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Mental Health Awareness: how to contribute to the conversation

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Happy May! Hope Spring is finding you; here in Chicago we’ve had some warm days and some very gray days. On the subject of gray days, did you know the suicide rate in the US has surged? The April 22 edition of the Chicago Tribune reports, “The U.S. suicide rate has increased sharply since the …

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Does this arouse you? Oversharing & hate online, big goofs, and lurid news


Just because I think about stuff doesn’t mean I’m smart. I never come to any earth-shattering conclusions or theories. One thing I often think about is the Internet and its affects on the world. You can tell I am of a certain age because I can think in terms of before and after. Younger people …

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