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What’s up? What’s down?

Blobby © Ellen Wade Beals, 2017

Hello Friends. It’s been a quiet week for me – how about for you? Here are some links you may like. Solace in So Many Words contributor Elizabeth Kerlikowske and other poets  has teamed up with artists to create The Alchemy Initiative: A Suite of Monlogues. SISMW contributor Patty Somlo has a nonfiction piece (“Home …

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Creatively blocked?

Help © Ellen Wade Beals

Hey there – it has been a long time, I know. Here’s some stuff  I found interesting. In addition to being a gifted writer David Abrams is generous. His blog site The Quivering Pen is worth investigating. Self-described as a book evangelist,  he is always featuring recent books and articles on writing. He is the …

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Lummox wants work; Trees and Math Anxiety; and Bird-watching


Howdy – How’s your April shaping up? Have you been celebrating poetry? Reading it? Writing it? I got an email from Lummox Poetry Anthology #5, which is looking for work on the theme of “ism” or “isms.” Examples cited include: Alcoholism, Capitalism, Patriotism, Buddhism, Globalism,  Conformism, Masochism, Regionalism, Commercialism, Pessimism, Mannerism, Egotism, Dogmatism, Realism, etc, …

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Mourning in Kalamazoo and other news

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Hello. I missed writing to you. But a project came up that needed my immediate attention. Besides, I haven’t much to report. To tell you the truth, socializing has taken up a lot of time recently. I can always talk myself into going out because human relations are what count in this lifetime. So why …

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