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Maples © Ellen Wade Beals, 2017

This won’t be a long post because I don’t have much to report. The news is dismal because there has been another mass shooting. I concur with today’s  Chicago Tribune editorial, “How to help prevent the next gun massacre,” which concludes: “Each mass shooting in America is its own terrible story that can’t be undone. …

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News and resources: Kirk, Hilbert, Vine Leaves, and indispensable info


I know it’s been a while. Here’s some news. Kathleen Kirk has two poems and “If I Were the Cherry Wood Piano” and “The Body” in the latest issue of Rose Red Review. On April 16, Donna Hilbert’s poem “Gravity” was published on the Silver Birch site. As I mentioned before, a photograph I took …

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Kudos to contributors: Calderwood, Desilets, Kirk, McConnell, Somlo

As I write this I am thinking of Brent Calderwood — tonight is his big night. Brent’s poem, “The Golden Hour,” has been selected by judge Mark Doty as winner of the Atlanta Queer Lit Broadside Contest. Brent will be accepting his award and reading his poem at annual festival’s opening ceremony in Atlanta tonight …

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Our next reading event and contributor updates

The big news is there is  another reading event  for Solace in So Many Words— it will be July 21, Thursday, at 7 pm at The BookMarket, 2651 Navy Blvd, Glen Town Center, Glenview (phone: 847-904-7304).  Contributors who will be reading include: Joan Corwin, J. Scott Smith, Kathleene Donahoo, D. J. Lachance. Weighed Words celebrated …

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