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Laura Rodley “Madelyn”

Snow trail, #1 © Ellen Wade Beals, 2013

Here in Chicago there is no snow on the ground, but some parts of the Northeast are experiencing a Snow Day. So that’s why this poem by Laura Rodley about a runner in the snowy woods seems appropriate. Thanks to Laura Rodley for letting me share her work here.   Madelyn She runs without breaking …

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Guest Post: Laura Rodley “Gateway”

Crecopia © Laura Rodley, 2016

Gateway Gateway to heaven, Cecropia flits to my doorway, flaps her wings, Morse code from God, life everlasting, she lays her full body against my brass doorknob. Her journey is done, her wings are tattered, she will lay her eggs and disappear. Like all faith, she is ephemeral and falls down from the skies. How …

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Guest post: Laura Rodley “Luna”

Luna by Laura Rodley © 2016

Luna Sure sign of summer, the pale translucence of the luna’s green wings, the green of emerging blades of grass, or new rose leaves. How such delicacy battles her way through thunderstorms, clouds, the dust of a dry summer, how her path is unerring; she returns every time, not herself, but a replica, someone born …

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Hot links to new writing by SISMW contributors (and more)


Good day!  Hope life is treating you well. Concerned about the stock market? You may want to read Elizabeth Kerlikowske’s poem “The Two Worlds”  on the The New Verse News today (August 26, 20015). There’s a whole section of poetry by E. Michael Desilets at the VerseWrights site; his latest to be posted is “Sidetrack’s …

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