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Thank you again and again


Ho, ho, ho no. Have you encountered holiday grumps? My instinct is to tell them to focus on the positive instead of the negative, to practice gratitude. Then I realize it is advice I can use myself. I have so much to be grateful for—I hope you do too. Thank you for reading; I appreciate …

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Happy Thanksgiving

Shangri-la © Laura Rodley, 2017

Hope your holiday is wonderful.  Thanks for reading this blog.  I have much to be grateful for and I hope you do too. Today’s photo comes from Laura Rodley who explains:  “The photo I took while driving home and all of a sudden the clouds were setting on top of the cornfield like a  Shangri-la …

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Is prayer your source of solace?

A shining moment © Ellen wade Beals, 2017

Lately I have been thinking about prayers and the Higher Power. It’s a recurring subject for me. Have you ever been fortunate enough to have someone sincerely tell you, “I’ll keep you in my prayers” or “I’ll be praying for you.”? Has anyone ever suggested you should pray about a problem? Or, have you noticed …

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Everyday is a gift

Morning shadows © Ellen Wade Beals, 2016

Everyday is a gift so says the plaque on the bathroom wall. Of course there should be a space between every and day. It is each and every day that is the present. But the everyday is a gift too, wrapped in plain paper addressed in Papermate blue, left at the doorstep, bound in time …

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