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Prayers and Thoughts & Action and Policy

Maples © Ellen Wade Beals, 2017

This won’t be a long post because I don’t have much to report. The news is dismal because there has been another mass shooting. I concur with today’s  Chicago Tribune editorial, “How to help prevent the next gun massacre,” which concludes: “Each mass shooting in America is its own terrible story that can’t be undone. …

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New writing, new calls, found beauty


June has been flying by. Hope you have been soaring.  Here’s some news. Congrats to Kerry Langan who has a new book of short fiction—My Name is Your Name and Other Stories, published by Wising Up Press. BTW, Wising Up has a call for submissions — Longer Than Expected: Adulthood After Life Threatening Childhood Illness. …

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Glimpse of Solace: Kathy Buckland, Open House Chicago

Dotty © Kathleen Buckland, 2013

  Big thanks to Kathy Buckland for these glamorous shots of Chicago.  Kathy is a photographer from Glenview, IL, who goes exploring with her camera just about every weekend.


Much I don’t about Franzen

4-up on 2013-03-08 at 14.13

I give up.  I spent the past few days trying to write a blog that was witty and timely. I wanted it to be smart like an essay by Roxane Gay. I hoped to get my thoughts together about the fuss over “Jonathan Franzen: What’s Wrong With the Modern World,” which appeared in The Guardian …

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