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Highland Park Poetry’s 2018 challenge—deadline January 29

Electric flower © Ellen Wade Beals, 2018

In the northern suburb of Highland Park, Jennifer Dotson works hard for poetry–organizing readings, exhibits, and contests, such as this year’s challenge in which poets of all ages are invited to submit original poetry in response to: Electricity (in honor of the 75th anniversary of Nikolas Tesla’s death) Monsters (in honor of the 300th anniversary …

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What’s up? What’s down?

Blobby © Ellen Wade Beals, 2017

Hello Friends. It’s been a quiet week for me – how about for you? Here are some links you may like. Solace in So Many Words contributor Elizabeth Kerlikowske and other poets  has teamed up with artists to create The Alchemy Initiative: A Suite of Monlogues. SISMW contributor Patty Somlo has a nonfiction piece (“Home …

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Ambivalence, being judge-y, and links

Ghost © Ellen Wade Beals, 2014

Yesterday on the local talk show from Chicago, Windy City Live, I heard it’s almost been the coldest average February in Chicago since the late 1800s or something—we’re only missing it by a degree or two.  It’s a record I don’t care if we break. Ambivalence – it’s a quality I am trying to develop, …

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Biding my time, resolving to resolve

4-up on 2014-04-05 at 16.36 #5

Howdy. Ready for the longest day of the year? A couple weeks ago I read my horoscope and it said that after Mercury finished being in retrograde, I will receive good news on the 19th—so today’s a big day for me. I’ll keep you posted. I was happy to hear that Kevin Nance, who has …

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