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Glimpse of solace: Tooting one’s horn


Don’t forget Laura Rodley has two new books of poetry. If you are in Turner Falls, MA, Laura is having a double-duty reading there on April 15 at the Gill Montague Senior Center at 1:oo pm. Also, toot-toot, if you’re from around here, I’ll be reading tonight at seven at Evanston Art Center with Jorge …

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Hunger by Laura Rodley

Falling Leaves © Laura Rodley, 2016

Hunger Does the maple leaf hunger for the sun, shaking hands with its light, the light that turns the maples’ leaves to rusty orange, heavy with color, so heavy they drop? Does the cardinal hunger for its mate, how they are never more than twenty feet away from each other, the wind of their flight, …

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Guest post: Laura Rodley “Luna”

Luna by Laura Rodley © 2016

Luna Sure sign of summer, the pale translucence of the luna’s green wings, the green of emerging blades of grass, or new rose leaves. How such delicacy battles her way through thunderstorms, clouds, the dust of a dry summer, how her path is unerring; she returns every time, not herself, but a replica, someone born …

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