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Congratulations to Margarita Engle

The launch at Women and Children First.

Happy Belated Birthday to Solace in So Many Words, which was launched into this world six years ago at Women and Children First Bookstore. I’ve been thinking about Solace in So Many Words and my writing lately because I can do little else since my back has been acting up and I can’t sit at …

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News on SISMW contributors and friends & calls for submissions


Hello. Hope your Spring has sprung. Here in Chicago we have not quite gotten to warm weather yet. And the news seems to be that other areas of the country have also experienced a return to winter. I guess we should expect April to be harsh for as T. S. Eliot told us: “April is …

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Blogs & books to overcome the mid-winter blahs


Hello you. Yesterday was supposedly Blue Monday, the saddest day of the year. I don’t know if I was sad, but I sure have been lazy. I cannot get it together to be productive. How about you? The biggest effort I have put forth this year (besides a few submissions) was to participate in a …

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Exploring the unexplained phenomenon of solace

In 1984 Scott Colborn developed and began to host the Exploring Unexplained Phenomena radio show.  The program became a reality largely due to his long-time interest in all things paranormal–which can be traced back to his childhood.  Over the years, he has interviewed hundreds of guests covering a wide range of topics including extraterrestrials, big …

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