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Happy Labor Day

Love you © Ellen Wade Beals, 2017

Hello there!  It’ll be just a short post today as I don’t think anyone is thinking too much about writing. It’s the beginning of a long weekend, the last one of summer. Already in Chicago the nights are chilly, and yesterday I saw geese fly overhead. I wonder whether this means our upcoming winter will …

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Year-end news: Boyle, Meno, Levine, Somlo, Cleary, Newman


Hey there. Hope your Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Festivus was wonderful. The end of the year always brings out the “best of” lists. Solace in So Many Words contributors made a few of these T. C. Boyle’s novel The Harder They Come was named the best novel (700 pages or shorter) by Newsweek.  It was also named one of …

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Ambivalence, being judge-y, and links

Ghost © Ellen Wade Beals, 2014

Yesterday on the local talk show from Chicago, Windy City Live, I heard it’s almost been the coldest average February in Chicago since the late 1800s or something—we’re only missing it by a degree or two.  It’s a record I don’t care if we break. Ambivalence – it’s a quality I am trying to develop, …

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Philip Levine and solace (and me)


I just heard the news that Philip Levine has left this earth. The work he left behind is something we can find solace in when we miss his voice. So many great poems. I have fond memories of Phil Levine because he is a contributor to Solace in So Many Words, and we had a …

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