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Elizabeth Drew Stoddard — November

Autumn charms my melancholy mind © Ellen Wade Beals, 2017

Good day and happy December and Happy Hanukkah (which begins today). I’ve started my shopping, put up lights outside, but haven’t yet gotten my Christmas tree or decorated the inside of my house. I’ve been lackadaisical and uninspired, spending time doing crosswords, catching up on past issues of The New Yorker, and reading mysteries (Glass …

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Happy Thanksgiving

Shangri-la © Laura Rodley, 2017

Hope your holiday is wonderful.  Thanks for reading this blog.  I have much to be grateful for and I hope you do too. Today’s photo comes from Laura Rodley who explains:  “The photo I took while driving home and all of a sudden the clouds were setting on top of the cornfield like a  Shangri-la …

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If only the world were more like Jeopardy


The world is crazy these days and can get me down in the dumps. But I have approximately thirty minutes of solace each weekday when I watch Jeopardy. When the show is over, I am disappointed it can’t go on forever. Jeopardy provides me with what I would like to see more of today. The …

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Prayers and Thoughts & Action and Policy

Maples © Ellen Wade Beals, 2017

This won’t be a long post because I don’t have much to report. The news is dismal because there has been another mass shooting. I concur with today’s  Chicago Tribune editorial, “How to help prevent the next gun massacre,” which concludes: “Each mass shooting in America is its own terrible story that can’t be undone. …

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