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Happy Labor Day

Love you © Ellen Wade Beals, 2017

Hello there!  It’ll be just a short post today as I don’t think anyone is thinking too much about writing. It’s the beginning of a long weekend, the last one of summer. Already in Chicago the nights are chilly, and yesterday I saw geese fly overhead. I wonder whether this means our upcoming winter will …

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New books and writing tips


Hey there. I have not been around because life got in the way. July got off to a rocky start. But here are some new books for you to investigate and some links to writing and reading. Daniel Chacón‘s latest book is  The Cholo Tree, published by Arte Publcio. Margarita Engle (the U.S. Young People’s …

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Literary news: light and dark


It’s another chilly one, but before I can complain about Chicago weather, I only have to look at pictures from Buffalo, NY, where more than five feet of snow blankets the city and more is predicted.  That shuts me up. Besides I don’t really want to post about the weather but literary news. First about …

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Yes, let’s


Happy June 29th –hope your summer is going well so far. Here in Chicago I know it’s summer because the weeds are taking off and the skeeters are back.  And it’s the season of the Cancer birthdays. Meanwhile this must be a bumper crop year for the cottonwood trees because the infernal cotton is still …

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