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Which kind of person are you?

Summer storm © Ellen Wade Beals, 2017

Hey there. Hope all is well with you. Not too much doing in my little world. I got a couple rejections this week and also the news that my story “Amanuensis” was a finalist in the Portable Story  “moment of truth” series. Congrats go to Matthew B. Kelley whose story “Daddy’s Record” will be recorded …

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Happy Taxonomy Day!

Photo on 2015-04-17 at 15.00 #5_2

I just learned that March 19 is Taxonomy Day (thanks to artist Lauren Levato Coyne). My Internet connection has been wonky lately, suffering fits and starts. So I didn’t want to do a post with lots of links because it would take forever to write and post. But since I have a poem with the …

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