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New writing, new calls, found beauty


June has been flying by. Hope you have been soaring.  Here’s some news. Congrats to Kerry Langan who has a new book of short fiction—My Name is Your Name and Other Stories, published by Wising Up Press. BTW, Wising Up has a call for submissions — Longer Than Expected: Adulthood After Life Threatening Childhood Illness. …

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Kudos and calls

Blue light © Ellen Wade Beals, 2017

Hello out there! March ends and April begins. Poetry Month starts tomorrow–be prepared to celebrate whether you want to or not! It’s also April Fool’s Day so pay attention and don’t fall for any malarkey. Kudos go to several contributors to Solace in So Many Words, including  Michael C. McConnell whose short story, “Dancing,” about …

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First news of the year –accomplishments and passages

Peppermint © Ellen Wade Beals, 2014

January is peppermint. Candy canes are the last of the holiday candy. Shadows stripe the days. And the arctic air makes your breath seem almost mentholated. Everything’s a little sharper. It is wonderful to see Solace in So Many Words contributors do illustrious things. BIG congrats to Ellen Bass, who recently was elected to the …

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Reading T. C. Boyle, Ellen Bass, Donna Hilbert, Kathleen Kirk . . .

Out my windshield today © Ellen Wade Beals, 2016

Good morning and happy July — rabbit, rabbit, rabbit.  I’ve been working on something, but it isn’t finished yet. So I’ll tell you what I’ve been reading. “The Fugitive,” which is T. C. Boyle’s story in the latest issue (July 4) issue of The New Yorker, and there’s also a discussion with him on the …

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