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New winner, new books

Mums © Ellen Wade Beals, 2015

Hello there. Hope you have a bowlful of your favorite candy ready for the trick-and-treaters, and that you have plenty of leftovers, which you can then eat yourself when Halloween is over. Sugar high for everyone! Woo-hoo. Big congrats are in order. Solace in So Many Words contributor Joan Corwin is the winner of the …

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News and nifty

Sunny side up? © Ellen Wade Beals, 2015

“Keep your sunny side up, up!” (“Hide the side that gets blue”). I write this to myself as well as to you. No whining. I’ve been watching Foyle’s War on Netflix and really enjoying it. It very rarely hits the wrong note; I’ve watched two seasons and only had some quibbles with the series. It’s …

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The ides of April


Happy Poetry Month! Harumph, harrumph. It’s the smack dab middle of the month, also our tax deadline day, and in Chicago, the landscape is once again clearing from a surprise snow shower (see Glimpse of Solace). I wanted to share some stuff with you. First, as I have before in this space, I recommend you …

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