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Congratulations to Margarita Engle

The launch at Women and Children First.

Happy Belated Birthday to Solace in So Many Words, which was launched into this world six years ago at Women and Children First Bookstore. I’ve been thinking about Solace in So Many Words and my writing lately because I can do little else since my back has been acting up and I can’t sit at …

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News on contributors (Desilets, Rodley, Mahan, McConnell, Kirk) notes on rejection

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Hello sweeties. Hope you don’t have the winter blues and that you are getting enough vitamin D. On January 16 there was a story on NPR by Jason Comely about embracing rejection (“By Making a Game out of Rejection, A Man Conquers Fear”). For a while there I was going to write a post about …

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Upcoming May readings: Weaving the Threads, Barry Silesky


Last night I went to the very moving launch of Weaving the Threads at Evanston Library. The room was filled to capacity and the audience was captivated by  the memoirs read from this anthology.  Editor Enid Baron talked about how the book came to be and emphasized that everyone has a story and should tell …

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Looking back, looking forward


If you read my last post you know that Solace in So Many Words is one-year-old. I have been thinking of the highlights from the past year. But before I give that account let me tell you how great it was that last week started with congratulatory flowers, sent by neighbor and mentor Fran Podulka …

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