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Old song, old poem: new solace

Hosta © Ellen Wade Beals, 2017

Hey all. Can July speed by any faster? Here’s what I got for you. Check out Kathleen Kirk’s review of Dave Bonta’s book of poems called Ice Mountain on Escape Into Life. I bet you’ll want to read more of Dave Bonta’s work and the archive of Escape into Life. As you know, Kathleen Kirk …

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The ides of April


Happy Poetry Month! Harumph, harrumph. It’s the smack dab middle of the month, also our tax deadline day, and in Chicago, the landscape is once again clearing from a surprise snow shower (see Glimpse of Solace). I wanted to share some stuff with you. First, as I have before in this space, I recommend you …

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Luisa A. Igloria — seven poems

In my last post I introduced you to Dave Bonta, a poet and literary magazine editor from the eastern edge of western Pennsylvania, and his must-read blog Via Negativa, which posts poems, photos, essays, etc.  I also mentioned that there is microblog companion site called The Morning Porch.  Here Dave posts short (140 character) descriptions …

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Dave Bonta “Ode to Scythes”

I met Dave Bonta at the AWP Conference in March.  He was working the Motion Poems booth, which was next to my table.  We swapped books and talked a little poetry.  We became FB friends, and I got to learn more about him through his posts, most of which are about Via Negativa, a site …

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